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Art, For Monkees' Sake
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10th-Dec-2007 07:38 pm - Micky Dolenz Banner
I don't know about the rest of you, but there is something about Micky's face that just inspires me to make graphics. He just has such a beautifully unique look.

Anywho, I was looking through some of my Micky photos and I was inspired to make a banner so...here it is! I hope you like it.

3rd-Dec-2007 12:28 am(no subject)
I've been Nez drawing again. This time I decided to color in Photoshop. Much neater.

Two ginormous versions of the same wallpaper under the cut.Collapse )

I was going to post the original drawing but I already closed my ftp program, lol. I'll edit this post with the picture later. :: facepalm ::

Okay, for anybody out there who's like me and nosy about stuff like fanart progressions, I present:

The pencil sketch

The digital line art


The digital inked art

They're pretty massive, and I know the wallpapers under the cut are already dial-up killers, hence the text links.
26th-Nov-2007 10:13 pm - Mike Wallpaper
Hey everyone!

I come bringing gifts...a Mike wallpaper!

This wallpaper is dedicated to daytonademon, an author of rad Monkees fan fiction, who suggested that I make this wallpaper.

I hope you all like it! It's a very different style then I normally do, but I think it turned out quite nice.

Click the following photo for the large version!:
25th-Nov-2007 07:26 pm(no subject)
I needed a little break from the vexel, and I wanted to try out my new pastels, so I made this.

Click for a bigger pic!
24th-Nov-2007 08:32 pm - Micky Dolenz Icon Tutorial
Go from this:


Difficulty level: Intermediate. You need to have a basic knowledge of brushes and layers.
Length: Long
Made in: I used Photoshop CS2, but it should be transferrable to earlier versions of photoshop.

UNDER THE CUT!: all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put my broken heart back together againCollapse )
21st-Nov-2007 01:08 pm - Yay, icons!
Hii again! ^_^ I made a bunch of icons of the guys, so I thought I'd post them here. Hope that's okay! :)

44 icons
--7 Peter Tork
--6 Mike Nesmith
--9 Micky Dolenz
--2 Davy Jones
--17 Group

Also, I feel the need to warn you that I'm an indecisive weirdo, so many of these are incredibly similar. XD Sorry about that.


Whee, icons under here.Collapse )

If you dig them, leave a comment! And (*shameless plug*) check out my icon community, radiowave_icons. If you snag any, please credit xdizzydance or radiowave_icons. And either way, enjoy! :D
The Monkees: Davy Jones is a BAMF!
20th-Nov-2007 08:53 am - Micky Wallpaper!
Hello Monkee fans! Someone from Hey, Hey We're The Monkees referred me to this awesome community, so I decided to post my Micky wallpaper here.

I'm an aspiring graphic designer and when I saw some of the amazing photos that auroradolenz posted in her amazing gallery, I decided to try my hand at a Monkee wallpaper.

Unfortunately, I sized it a bit too small, but I'll get the size right on the next one! I hope you guys like it! Just click the photo below:

15th-Nov-2007 04:21 pm - Dorky little pixel-y thing. XD
Hi all! Because of some extreme boredom today, I made a groovy little picture of the fellows. :)

Whee! It's not perfect, but I thought it was kinda cute, so I figured I'd post. ^_^
The Monkees: Davy Jones is a BAMF!
10th-Nov-2007 10:43 pm - Abstract... thingy
I always feel so goofy making first posts on LJ. Hi. Okay, okay, widescreen type vexel thing under the cut. It wasn't done, but I have a fondness for faceless art, so I decided to veer off and do this. Yeah.

Michael and Peter.Collapse )
6th-Nov-2007 01:06 pm - Monkees Icons and Lovebars
8 Lovebars Total
2 Davy Jones
2 Peter Tork
2 Micky Dolenz
2 Mike Nesmith

Find them all here

Plus, 19 Icons
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Find the rest here
Peter In Concert
6th-Nov-2007 05:13 pm - I hope manips do count as art...
I made Mike/Army of Darkness manips, mainly for daytonademon, but since people seemed to enjoy them (and I was told to do so XD), I decided to post them publicly as well.
colin | pop art
25th-Oct-2007 07:33 pm - A few Torksmith colour bars
I still suck very much at using programs such as Corel Painter or Painter Classic (which is what I usually, like with these now, use), so bear with me, okay? :P I just put together a few M/P icons I've made with Pain(t), lightened a couple and darkened one and then added different texts to the bar. So if you wanna modify any of them, go ahead.

X-posted to whereitssafe - sorry if I'm polluting your flists. :)

Sound of the sunset, sound of the sea...Collapse )
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20th-Oct-2007 08:16 pm - Evil Monkees
Finally finished the Evil Monkees pic from Enola's fan fic. @_@ I hadn't read the story in a while and totally forgot about the different hair styles (OOPS). So here it is.

VilliansCollapse )

Villian WallpaperCollapse )

I'll post my other sketches from the fic next weekend (I've got homework and need to clean them up before posting). T_T
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14th-Oct-2007 07:51 pm - Three times Mike
My brother complimented me about a crayon drawing I made in a nude portrayt class in high school (he actually put it on his wall even though his current theme is psychedelia [which means he's had and will have 60s things for Christmas and birthday - he still refuses to admit Head is a good movie, haha]). This made me browse through some of my drawings, and I came across these a few month old Mike sketches.

EDIT: no, no nude portaits of Mike, sorry. xD *laughs so hard*

Still don't have a scanner, sryCollapse )
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25th-Sep-2007 11:04 am - sometimes i use the crayolas
I was moved by buni_in_the_sky 's recent post, so I drew some Monkees cartoon type things. They are kind of... off, but oh well. I usually draw in a pretty realistic style, which you can see by my MySpace, if you like. 

I also drew the female characters from the Monkees fic I've been writing, For Pete's Sake: Zilch. If you read that, here are some faces for the names. 

Monkees - Peter - Banjo
23rd-Sep-2007 12:21 am - Sketches
I drew some sketches of the guys this week. Plus I'll post how far I am on the Evil Power Monkees fan art (I'm slow @ coloring. Still have to make flames on Jason, and decide what the background should be.). Also, something else I am working from the fic as well. ^_^ Hope ya dig!

SketchesCollapse )

Who's that guy on my desktop? ;)Collapse )

Davy's UniformCollapse )
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14th-Sep-2007 02:48 pm - Power Monkees art
The Power Monkees -- Medaeval Garb

The Monkees as they appeared in the Quests, 2-6 and the first half of 7 -- and again in "Dark Ages, 1968".
14th-Sep-2007 12:27 pm - Power Monkees Fan art ^^;
Uhm, I dunno if I can post this here, but this is mostly fan art from a Monkees Fan fic.  They're super heroes, and the fic is by Enola Jones.  I don't know if you've read her Power Monkees story, but it's pretty good.  I've been a fan for it, and the Monkees since I was 15 (now I'm 24 XD).  I drew the Villians of the story, which have the 4 Monkees' clones pluse two other bad guys; Jason and.... I forget the girls name. XD;   After I colored the picture, I was going to e-mail it to her.  Her web site is www.enolasrealm.com .  Erm...yeah that's all >>;

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1st-Jul-2007 01:48 pm - Wallpapers/Desktops
Here's some wallpapers/desktops that I've done of the Monkees. If this doesn't constitute as fan art, the mods are welcome to remove it. I've done the songs: Daydream Believer, Shades of Gray, Laugh, Pillow Time, Carlisle Wheeling, and Listen to the Band. You're free to take them to use on your desktop, but if you want to post them anywhere else, please let me know and credit me. Thanks a bunch!

NOTE: I've posted the full versions of each wallpaper so this may take a while to load!

13th-Jun-2007 05:45 pm - Monkees necklace thingies
Hello! It's been a while. I've made Monkees necklaces. :D

I know it's not very believable to say that these look a lot better in nature, but honestely, they do. *laughs* My camera is over sensitive and sees things eyes can't see. xP I don't have any varnish, so I used nail polish. Some of these still need varnishing, but the nail polish bottle is practically empty, so it's gonna have to wait until I find real varnish somewhere.

These pics are rather big - I don't know why, but they just are bigger here than in Photobucket or my computer. o_O I don't know how to fix it, I tried to but I couldn't.

Rather crappy but unique for sure :DCollapse )
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