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14th-Feb-2011 03:10 am - Old Monkees Fanart
After browsing through the comm's posts, I saw that it had been formed long after I drew this stuff and hence, it seems I've never posted it here. So I decided what the heck, let's post it.

Anime-style Monkees and Monkees-related characters! Clicking each picture will make it bigger. (I'm not being sarcastic there; I've actually had a lot of people not even bothering to click because they don't think the size will change.)

Micky, Mike, Peter, Davy, Baby Face Morales, Tony Ferano, RubyCollapse )
1st-May-2010 07:18 am - Hello!

hi, i just joined this community (being as i JUST figured lj cuts out last night. ;) ) but, i do have art.
2 pictures. yay!;)Collapse )
26th-Sep-2009 04:19 pm - Monkees Albums
I have just added more albums to my collection of Monkees albums. Please if you take any, leave me a comment there to let me know! I love to know what others took!! Anyway....thanks again for checking them out!! I have all of their albums, plus Peter Tork's solo album there!

( Go here for the Monkees )
Peter ~ Valerie
2nd-Mar-2009 01:00 am - Monkees Colorbars
Monkees colorbars! They're finally done! Thanks to my friends at monkeespicand the_monkeesfor their suggestions. If I didn't use one of your ideas and you'd like me to customize one let me know and I'll see what I can do!

(More this way --->)

Comments are always welcome, and credit is swell.  No hot-linking.  The usual stuff.
Also, I have a new graphics journal graphic_musings .  Feel fee to join if you like what you see!

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27th-Feb-2009 07:13 am - A little help here?

I'm in the process of making some Monkees color bars.  I've got one finished:

but I'm having trouble deciding what to put on the others.  So if you have any ideas on how to finish the following thoughts I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Mike Nesmith is __________ love.
Micky Dolenz is __________ love.
Davy Jones is __________ love.
Peter Tork is __________ love.
The Monkees are __________ love.

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22nd-Feb-2009 02:35 pm - Zilch wallpaper

Since my valentines went over so well I decided to share the wallpaper I made too. I've been working on some icons, Blackberry walls, and colorbars too. Oh, and I made a mood theme. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing any of them as well.


(I will most likely be cross posting this to other Monkees communities. Sorry if this gets a bit redundant...) 

ETA:  Mood themes now posted HERE.  (Not really art, so I didn't know if they deserved their own post here...)

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10th-Feb-2009 08:38 pm - Monkee Valentines
My daughter decided she wanted to hand out Monkee valentines this year. As they obviously aren't readily available in stores we broke out the Photoshop. I thought they turned out kind of cute so I thought I'd share!  : )

Doing my part to spread the Monkee love...Collapse )

Let me know what you think!
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15th-Dec-2008 05:04 pm - More Monkees Doodles

I've been doodling a lot lately, but mostly on paper, so I don't have much to offer. But I haven't posted here in ages, so...here, have a couple more doodles. lol.

Fake cut!!
9th-Dec-2008 12:48 pm - First.
First time I've tried my hand at making icons. Let me know what you think...just 3!

Putting arms around the unsuspecting city.Collapse )
Ringo Camera
29th-Nov-2008 02:32 pm(no subject)
I got inspired by lxjw to post something here because I haven't in a while... So here's some inked sketches of our boys.

MonkeesCollapse )

Saw a picture I had in my Monkees photos folder on my computer, and wanted to draw this. It's always sad to see Peter out of some photographs during the time he quit the group. So I wanted to draw him in here...even though he's still sort of left out lol.

Monkeeing aroundCollapse )

This was an old image I drew back in May and forgot to post it here.
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28th-Nov-2008 02:05 am - Doodle Doodle Doodle
Another doodle, thought I'd share with y'all.

There should be a big art dump coming up with a couple more comics. Not sure whether you should be happy about that or not, but anyway, it's getting posted.

No warnings. Moderately big picture.

Follow the magical fake cut.
17th-Nov-2008 06:30 pm - Monkees + Star Wars = this.

YAY! I drew this during the summer, but I thought I should share anyways because it's kinda cute.

CLICK ME!Collapse )

17th-Nov-2008 03:14 am - Just a little doodle
Hey guys.

I've been a lurker around the monkees communities for a while now, but I have decided to give posting something a shot. I'm a chronic doodler, so it was only natural that a silly monkees comic would come around sooner or later. Hoping to post some more art soon.

Oh, and before you click on my fake cut (which hopefully is allowed...I don't see any rules saying it's not XD. Mod, if it's against the rules, just let me know, I'll happily change it), just wanna let you know that this is Mike/Davy and it's rated G, or PG at a stretch.

...It's just kissing anyway >___>


Please enjoy!

Here we go!
9th-May-2008 09:08 pm - Icons!!!
Okay, so my friend color_sound made these really groovy icons and you HAVE to see them! Don't worry I have her permission to post these. Just tell me if you're gonna use any of them. 

davy is love
26th-Apr-2008 12:51 pm - HELLO!
  Hello there!!! I'm new to this community so I thought I'd give you a little sample of my Monkee art. I'll tell you now though I'm not amazing at this stuff.     

davy is love
Monkees expressionsCollapse )

Just some fun idea I had with drawing the guys with those internet expressions. I know I don't have them all drawn, but I might do more if you guys like this. XD :3
coloured pencils
11th-Mar-2008 12:25 pm - Icons, yay!
Hey all! I've been making icons for monkeestills, and I figured I'd post the ones I've made so far in case anyone would like any of them. :)


10 icons behind the cut!Collapse )

Please comment if you dig 'em, credit if you snag any (xdizzydance or radiowave_icons--that's my icon community ^.^), and enjoy! :D

(Cross-posted to a bunch of Monkees communities. XD)
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3rd-Feb-2008 08:39 pm(no subject)
Monkees icons! Yay! :D

Over this way.

It's a batch of the Monkees, with some Beatles thrown in for good measure.

Cross-posted a lot.

Photobucket Photobucket
27th-Jan-2008 11:44 pm - 15 New Monkees Icons
Hey all! This is my first post here. I hope you enjoy these.

06 http://graphicalcola.org/sunnicons/monkees/mikeglee.png 11 http://graphicalcola.org/sunnicons/challenges/contest0103.jpg 13 http://graphicalcola.org/sunnicons/challenges/contest0202.jpg

(15 Monkees Icons here) by me, and (80 more here) by nevadafighter that you may or may not have seen before.

Bon appetite!

(x-posted to monkeeicons)
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14th-Dec-2007 12:46 am - Monkeemen Mike and Davy
I love the episode Monkees Chow Mein, so I wanted to draw Mike and Davy in the Monkeemen uniforms. <3

Monkeemen no back groundCollapse )

Monkeemen with blue city backgroundCollapse )
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